Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres

Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres24 went to play three modern Bulgarian playwrights were put in Russian theaters without the knowledge of the authors over the last 18 years. In addition, the writers Hristo Boychev, Stefan Tsanev and Nedialko Jordan has not received royalties owed to them.Cultural scandal between the two countries wrote on Wednesday, April 2, the newspaper "Novye Izvestia".Pancho Panchev, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian writers, in conversation with the correspondent of "NO" noted that the Russian theatres have not entered into contracts with playwrights and didn't invite them to the premiere: "It was a vicious systemic practice and it is unclear why the Russian cultural instance supports it".In the Russian authors ' society, which is engaged in the ownership, argue that at least part of the problem is connected with the Bulgarian organization "Teatrali", which centrally to provide national theatres, but she can't reach Russian partners.In Russian theaters, which were staged by the Bulgarian plays, the newspaper reported different explanations of what is happening. So, in the Moscow theatre "FEST" with Nedialko Jordanova signed a formal agreement, and the fees paid. In Krasnoyarsk drama theatre named after Pushkin renew the agreement with Christo Bolchevism. Approximately the same situation has developed in Republican drama theatre, where signing a new contract with the relevant Bank details. Source: Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres. Читать полностью -->

Lolita revealed the secret of his young wife Tsekalo

Lolita revealed the secret of his young wife TsekaloSinger Lolita is renowned for its utmost candor with the audience during concerts. And artist statements often affect not only her own personal life, but also other people.Hardly recovered after ravaging her in Saratov ailments, Lolita went to a concert in Volgograd and there feed the audience with a new portion of revelations.This time it was about a young wife's ex-husband Lolita Alexander Tsekalo. We will remind, recently the famous showman and producer married 24-year-old Vick Dumpling, sister of ex-soloist of "VIA gra" Vera Brezhnev. Soon after the wedding in a press there were rumors of a pregnant lady Tsekalo.Alexander, as you know, personal life has not commented. So Lolita herself decided to open people's eyes to the family secret ex-wife."All is not true that here write about a new wife Tsekalo, nothing she's not pregnant," cried the singer from the stage, waving a newspaper publication about the interesting situation of girls. - Don't believe the tabloids. Читать полностью -->

Terry Gilliam finished the last film of Heath Ledger

Terry Gilliam finished the last film of Heath LedgerDirector Terry Gilliam said that the last film of Heath Ledger "Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus" is finished and will be released next year. The shoot was temporarily halted after Ledger died from an overdose of drugs, reports the BBC.Later it became known that Jude law, johnny Depp and Colin Farrell will play the role of a Hit in the film, and those scenes in which Ledger played will be saved. Gilliam stated that he hoped "to touch the hearts of people the way it did Hit." "I am grateful to johnny, Colin, Jude and all who gave us the opportunity to finish this film, said Gilliam. "I'm excited to share the wonderful game of Hit with the whole world".He noted that the shooting of the joint canadian-British projects were completed in Vancouver, "thanks to the help and support of the family of a Hit". It was agreed that the role of the Ledger will be finished using CGI technology that was used when actor Oliver reed died while filming Gladiator.The producers of the film have set for themselves serious limitations. "Due to the fact that the plot allows to keep all the episodes, played by Heath, the use of computer technology will not make any changes. Читать полностью -->

Alika Smekhova appeared in public after giving birth

Alika Smekhova appeared in public after giving birth The birth of a child a woman's happiness with a side effect. The mother suffers the real test, which is often hard-hitting impact on the figure.Western stars are struggling with this problem with ease, nutritionist and personal trainer, resulting in the 2 weeks after giving birth look like they had a vacation in a SPA resort in Dubai. Pictures of Jennifer Lopez in her little black dress sold millions of copies, and it was all the world's media.Our stars, this is not always possible. Although in recent years the trend of slim mom is clearly seen in our show business. For example, Alika Smekhova, who clearly gained excess weight during pregnancy, now looks slimmer than ever.At a recent party on the occasion of the birthday of Prado Cafe Alika appeared in bright stretch pants and a thin translucent t-shirt. Agree, this outfit can afford not everyone. Читать полностью -->

Singer Nadezhda Babkina causes laughter

Singer Nadezhda Babkina causes laughterIn April fool's Day, we asked celebrities from different fields to tell jokes. As it turned out, with a sense of humor in our stars is no problem. I hope you will smile with them.So, the blonde TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya told the joke about the blonde: "the doctor comes to reception pretty blonde:Blonde:- Doctor, I have something with memory happened. Everything that is happening to me, after five minutes you forget.The doctor:- Yes, this is serious, very serious. Well, get undressed, lie on Kostochka.The famous showman and a connoisseur of jokes Roman Trachtenberg feed with an anecdote that just recently he said one of the listeners.The dealership Bentley comes some man in Telogreika, cotton pants and a helmet.Says:- How much does this machine here?- 250 thousand euros, - I answered him.- A little expensive. A loan can offer?- Yes, 25 thousand euros per month.- A little expensive.- I can offer two years, 12.5 thousand euros per month.- A little expensive.Seller says:"Well we can offer you some machine cheaper...A guy says:- It would be certainly cheaper, but the plate with my crane fell on precisely this.Singer Nadezhda Babkina, though proud of his Cossack roots, the joke store about Ukrainians, "Made him the crest of a huge sandwich with bacon. Читать полностью -->

Zemfira kicked out of the apartment for debts

Zemfira kicked out of the apartment for debtsKnown troublemaker Zemfira Ramazanova from November 2006 did not pay for electricity.Only this time the Ramazanova "dripped" over 22 000.Such "trifles" as the payment of electricity, the singer, apparently, is not time - she had bigger event cancels. For example, yesterday was cancelled autograph session Zemfira that fans of the star waited for over a year."The action is cancelled for technical reasons," explained the organizers of the event. Technical reason, as we found out the "Z" was unplanned St. Petersburg vacation the Ramazanova. A few days ago, after playing a concert in the Northern capital, the actress decided to stay there for a few days to gain strength before a big solo concert in Moscow.Account- Zemfira long time didn't go back home for a few days, - has shared with "Z" neighbor stars on the landing. - She has a whole drawer Packed utility bills. Читать полностью -->

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