The cause of death of lady Di became illegal actions of journalists

The cause of death of lady Di became illegal actions of journalistsThe Grand jury indicted in the death of Princess Diana paparazzi and her driverApril 8, 2008The cause of death of Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997 became illegal actions of journalists of tabloid publications, chased their car, and driver Henri Paul.To this verdict came 11 jurors on the results of nearly six months of hearings at London's Royal court. The discussion of the verdict of the jury took 23 hours, RIA "Novosti".Jury returned two separate verdict - one in the case of the death of the Princess, and the second is the case of the death of her friend. Procedural case of the death of Diana and Dodi were considered separately, although hearings on them were joint.The first jury verdict against Dodi Fayed, and after a few minutes the same verdict against the Princess.According to the jury, the death of Diana and her friend called "extremely careless driving" the French driver Henri pitch and chased the car of the Princess of vehicles photographers-paparazzi. The main cause of the accident is referred to as driving while intoxicated Henry Field, which led to a car accident, and the fact that none of the passengers of the crashed Mercedes was not wearing a seatbelt.Judge Scott Baker stated that this case was never identified no evidence in support of theories of the conspiracy to murder the Princess, had insisted the father of Dodi, the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed, who actually initiated the process.Despite actually guilty verdict against French photographers-paparazzi, the British Ministry of justice on Monday evening issued a clarification that the British authorities can't prosecute foreign nationals for crimes committed in another country, even if his victims were subjects of great Britain, ITAR-TASS reported.The hearing at London's Royal court was held in early October 2007. Previously, under the guidance of former head of Scotland Yard Lord Stevens was conducted three-year investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Princess. The jury heard testimony from more than 250 witnesses from eight countries.The sons of the late Princess of Wales, princes William and Harry - already had time to thank the jury trial for laborious and suspended work on the verdict about the death of the Princess. Читать полностью -->

At the bottom of the Rhone discovered an ancient statue of Caesar

At the bottom of the Rhone discovered an ancient statue of CaesarA bust of Caesar found by French archaeologists, divers explored the bottom of the river Rhone in the southern town of Arles, founded by the Roman Emperor in 46 BC, after the distribution of land among the Legionnaires.At the bottom of the Rhone river on the territory of the French city of Arles was found a marble bust of the Roman General Julius Caesar, according to the is assumed that it is the oldest known sculpture of Caesar made during his lifetime. According to the report of the Ministry, the approximate date of its creation can be 46 BC - the year of Foundation Caesar of Arles.According to the French archaeologist Luc long, who led underwater excavations, bust, apparently, was thrown into the river after in 44 BC Caesar was assassinated. "At the time was considered dangerous to his follower," he says.In addition to the bust of Caesar, soobshaet the Associated Press, underwater archaeologists also discovered two small Hellenistic bronze statues and marble statue of the God Neptune, Dating from the third century ad. Source: At the bottom of the Rhone discovered an ancient statue of Caesar. . . Читать полностью -->

The voice of johnny Depp brought 17-year-old girl from coma

The voice of johnny Depp brought 17-year-old girl from comaHollywood actor johnny Depp has responded to a request for assistance to the parents of a girl who is 5 months in a coma. Parents reported that their daughter was a big fan of the talent of the actor and asked Depp to record an audio message for their daughters.The parents of 17-year-old girl Sophie, which result in a terrible car accident 5th month in a coma, sent a letter to johnny Depp asking for help.Johnny Depp has agreed to comply with that request and made a record, sparodiroval his famous character Jack Sparrow. Moreover, the main Hollywood pirate was so moved by the incident that he had promised to visit the hospital Southampton General Hospital, where there is Sophie.As reported by Digital Spy, the girl regained consciousness, however, until full recovery she need to undergo intensive therapy. Her parents are sure that the help of johnny Depp will have a positive impact on the health of their daughter, and she quickly goes on the amendment."We turned to Depp, as have not seen another tool for healing our daughter, it became our last hope, so we decided to write him. This week, for the first months of treatment, our daughter moved his foot. My wife and I literally jumped for joy," - said the father of Sophie. Читать полностью -->

Ex-soloist of the `Tutsi` undressed for XXL magazine

Ex-soloist of the `Tutsi` undressed for XXL magazine Former soloist of the group "Tutsi" Adelina Sharipova photographed semi-Nude for the cover of XXL magazine. This candid photo shoot became her second in a row.The bright and beautiful vocalist from the group "Tutsi" had once participated in a similar survey in the pages of Maxim magazine."I love doing: I love the process of filming, love the camera, the atmosphere created on set by a team of professionals: from make-up artist, stylist and photographer to.By the way, I'm bad at taking pictures, so you may soon find yourself on the other side of the lens. I have a lot of experience filming, so I always notice the flaws and merits of the photos. With pleasure I will wait for the exit of the room: buy myself and all friends and acquaintances".The cover and an interview with XXL Adelina Sharipova readers will see in the may issue of XXL. Source: Ex-soloist of the "Tutsi" undressed for XXL magazine (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Austrian billionaire broke the record of divorce Abramovich

Austrian billionaire broke the record of divorce Abramovich54-year-old Austrian miliarder Martin slaff paid to his wife as compensation in a divorce 200 million euros, becoming the most "generous" ex-husband in the world.As reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the newspaper "Hoyt", after parting with his wife Andrea, a successful Austrian paid her 10 million euros more than the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, his ex-wife, Irina, who received from him "only" 190 million euros. This is not swiped afford Viennese entrepreneur that owns a network of casinos, - his fortune is currently estimated at 1.6 billion euros.Slaff and his spokesman are silent on the reasons for such generosity, but there are rumors that the billionaire is going to go again down the aisle. Lately it appears at all events with a young friend.Although the divorce Austrians will go down in history as the most expensive, loudest over the past few years is definitely the process between Paul McCartney and Heather mills, zavershivshiysya recently. Recall that mills had received from her ex-husband $48.6 million Among other celebrities who have had to fork out big in a divorce, ITAR-TASS calls the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, who paid his ex-wife 107 million euros, singer Neil diamond (euro95 million), film Director Steven Spielberg (euro63 million) and actor Harrison Ford (euro54 million). Source: Austrian billionaire broke the record of divorce Abramovich. . Читать полностью -->

Lenny Kravitz will be headlining `Maxidrom-2008`

Lenny Kravitz will be headlining `Maxidrom-2008`Maximum radio announced that the next Maxidrom festival will take place on 14 June in Moscow, in sport center "Olympic".The headliner of the festival will be Lenny Kravitz. He was brought to Moscow his new album "It Is Time For A Love Revolution", which was released in February 2008, and the first radiating with "I'll Be Waiting" is already in rotation on radio Maximum.I love this record and the feelings that it evokes, " says lenny Kravitz. - I felt like a child playing in his room. This is the most important sense - the sense of freedom.By the end of 2007, Kravitz has completed work on a new album, called "It is Time for a Love Revolution" - by tradition, all songs from the album lenny wrote, performed, and produced independently. The album was released in the month of February, and the musician announced that he plans to go to a two-year tour to support the album. The tour began with a speech in new York on new year's eve. Читать полностью -->

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