Naked Pamela Anderson assisted magician

Naked Pamela Anderson assisted magicianAlmost six million German viewers watched last Saturday on the public channel ZDF the performance of an American sex symbol Pamela Anderson, reports Bild.In a corset and practical bare to the waist, bottom, 40-year-old Anderson and her colleague, illusionist Hans Klok, showed his program with which they are in Los Angeles. Pamela assisted Tuft in the rooms, and at the end of the performance, the magician made her soar in the air."Pamela is fresh, lively and not at all capricious. And without makeup she looks good too," says presenter of the TV show Carmen Nebel, who personally invited by American star, not fearing that it will require a significant fee.And about famous breast Pamela Nebel said, "She lives up to expectations. It is her "working tool". We invited her not because she writes books or plays at the theatre". Source: Naked Pamela Anderson assisted magician. Читать полностью -->

Politicians choose low alcohol drinks

Politicians choose low alcohol drinksRussian politicians are increasingly choosing low-alcohol and expensive drinks. The same trend is visible among the majority of the population.But addicted to copious libations in honor of holidays, anniversaries and successfully completed cases are still badly as the people, and among high-ranking officials. the old-Timers Duma explain this situation by the fact that during eight years of the reign of Boris Yeltsin standing Banquet was considered normal among the Russian politicians. The only difference is, that all, without exception, elected officials prefer any alcoholic drinks vodka, "Novye Izvestia".Today, high-ranking officials are not unanimous in their drinking habits. For example, in the Duma favorite drink is whisky and ministries - cognac. While there is a division and age category. Читать полностью -->

Model Jordan has created underwear for `magnificent forms` (photo presentation)

Model Jordan has created underwear for `magnificent forms` (photo presentation)Model Jordan has created an unusual collection of underwear - it will suit girls with very different complexion. To demonstrate as new items she invited buxom girls from his fan club.According to the London Daily Mail, the 29-year-old Katie Price appeared on the podium together with six non-professional models: "I decided that I wanted to see the girls from his fan club as models together with me, so I told everyone, and then chose six". Your choice of new designer explained by the desire to present on the show "the whole spectrum of the female form" and to prove that beautiful lingerie looks great on women with very different figure, according to the London portal Gossip Girls, who published a photo report from the presentation.Lingerie is created in collaboration with famous brand name "George at Asda" and will be sold exclusively in the stores of the company. Source: Model Jordan has created underwear for "magnificent forms" (photo presentation). . . Читать полностью -->

Megan Fox naked on the set of the Thriller

Megan Fox naked on the set of the Thriller The star of "Transformers" Megan Fox was photographed on the set of the Thriller "Body of Jennifer (Jennifer's Р’ody).The script for "the Body of Jennifer" was written by Diablo Cody. The new film will be similar to "Fatal passion" and "Baldios" at the same time.The main character is a member of the cheerleading squad - one day becomes possessed and begins killing boys of the small town in which he lives.The creators promise to complete filming "Body Jennifer" by the beginning of summer 2008! In the meantime, we can watch as naked to the waist, Megan Fox is freezing in the lake of Vancouver. Source: Megan Fox naked on the set of the Thriller (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Emilia Vishnevskaya sexy Anfisa Chekhova

Emilia Vishnevskaya sexy Anfisa Chekhova Nowadays for girls public professions has become commonplace to strip for men's magazines, all kinds of photo shoots, commercials and candid video.No sooner had the audience to move away from the experiences associated with the known appearance in the men's edition of Anfisa Chekhova, as there were photos depicting another half-naked beauty.Rival Anfisa Chekhova on the part of the March of seduction of the male half of the planet has become a model Emiliya Vishnevskaya - the bride of TV presenter Vladimir Tishko.The two ladies really have something to brag about. However, the girl is clearly presented in different weight and age categories. The goal of the shoots at Anfisa and Emilia noticeably different.So, shooting for Playboy was conceited pride Anfisa Chekhova. The TV star admitted: own photo excite her so much that she stares at them and because of this constantly late for work.Emilia Vishnevskaya photoshoot was just a part of the usual operation of the model: the girl became the face of the new Spanish line glamorous lingerie "BOBA"."I have received offers to appear in advertisements underwear - confessed beauty. - But all that was offered, it was not very interesting to me. I wanted to be seductive and natural in these pictures, not trying on vulgar images. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton performed a belly dance

Paris Hilton performed a belly dance Socialite Paris Hilton on Thursday was a guest on the beauty contest "Miss Turkey 2008 in Istanbul, tells People.Scandalous party girl was invited to the jury that she helped choose the beauty who will represent the country at the contest "Miss World". "The first time I participate in this. I will evaluate how the girls are kept, how they look, what they wear and what they say", - said before the Paris event.Hilton also said that he sees himself as a role model for young girls all over the world. "I'm a good person, I work a lot and just reach itself. I think this should inspire a lot of girls," she said.During the competition, Paris went on stage and performed an impromptu belly dance along with one of the dancers. At the end, she handed the crown to the winner - Leila Turgutlu.Source: Paris Hilton has performed belly dance (video). Читать полностью -->

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