Health Britney Spears is still `fairly weak`

Health Britney Spears is still `fairly weak`It seemed that over the last month, Britney Spears has made significant progress in his life, and had ceased to make outrageous antics, regained the right to see the children, and returned to his career, reports OK!.However, at yesterday's meeting in Los Angeles, which dealt with the medical and psychological state of the singer, the judge decided that the health of Britney continues to be "quite weak" and that she is still not able to make decisions independently.Neither Britney nor her father Jamie Spears was not present, but the judge Reva Goetz approved the request Jamie to increase his salary because he takes care of his daughter.The lawyer of the singer Sam Ingham said that Britney is better not participate in judicial proceedings relating to itself and its property, because "it would hurt her".The judge ruled: "Her medical condition remains unchanged". A new assessment must go on 17 June, and on July 31 hearing of the cancellation, or, conversely, on the extension of guardianship. Source: Health Britney Spears is still "quite weak"". . . . Читать полностью -->

The group `Shiny` will change the composition

The group `Shiny` will change the compositionThe producers of the Quartet that won the hearts of millions of men, decided to dissolve the team and can recruit new girls.Now in the "Shining" will be new faces, and former participants, most likely, will be engaged in solo projects. Yet to release a solo voyage Nadia Knob, Natalia Friske and Nastya Osipov.In all likelihood, out of desperation and in order to regain its former popularity, "Brilliant", producer dazzling beauties Andrey Shlykov decided to complete replacement of members of a popular band."This is very weird, but Andrew decided to pursue a solo career of singers, and the team to take absolutely new - confessed "Z" man from the inner circle of producer groups. Because the band for 14 years, now he wants to do something special.SoloistAs found "Z", Shlykov promised to make a solo career of each of "brilliant", including Zhanna Friske sister Natasha, whom he had still not signed the contract. By the end of February, according to our data, Andrew is going to recruit more young and sexy girls.By the end of this month should end casting - confessed "Z" Andrey Shlykov. - After the 20th of the month will be decided who will be included in the new group.The singer until the caution to tell about your future. So, Natasha Friske with a tremor in her voice boasts to friends that she is already in the spring are going to be working on a solo project.- In the spring I write a program of your own, a little nervously, Natalia says. Читать полностью -->

New album `Animals` destroyed by a sudden flood

New album `Animals` destroyed by a sudden floodMan proposes, but fate makes its own adjustments. And the "Beasts" had planned to release his fourth full-length album in April. The guys managed to record most of the material, but there is an inexorable element stood in the way of musicians.Rehearsal base of the group is located in the basement of an old house. The whole water system in the building is obsolete, but still has not been replaced. The pipe has worn to such an extent that cracks through which began to fill the room, which was rehearsing "Beasts".Sorry, just noticed the above does not work. After detection of a fault it was too late - all the material information from a session source was either damaged or completely destroyed."Polyvalency material, drafts and sketches now, the quality does not correspond to the material that would be suitable for the release of the full album" - lamenting the Roma.The band apologizes to their fans and officially declares that the release of the new album postponed to autumn. Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Jolie demonstrated the stomach

Pregnant Jolie demonstrated the stomach Rumors about the pregnancy of Angelina Jolie and would continue to be rumors, if the famous actress has not appeared in public in tight dress.Now no one is waiting for official confirmation joyful news from the future parents. Changed the figure of Angelina speaks for itself.In black tight dress actress appeared on 24 February at the festival of independent film Spirit Awards in Santa Monica Jolie was accompanied by her boyfriend brad pitt, who possibly tried to fight off the pregnant girlfriend of photographers and operators. Radiant Angelina meanwhile, signed autographs and gave a smile to the delight of the reporters.To shape the belly of the actress to judge the duration of her pregnancy and probable date of childbirth is difficult. Because it is unknown, whether twins are waiting for Angelina, as of this writing, the tabloids, or in the family Jolie-pitt will add only one baby.Recall that the family has four children: native Shiloh Nouvel, which in may will be 2 years, and adopted Maddox, Zahara and pax. They say not far off and the wedding of Angelina and brad. According to some reports, they entered into the marriage contract, which we are talking about the 200 million dollars.Source: Pregnant Jolie demonstrated the stomach (video). Читать полностью -->

Pavel Volya performed at his first concert

Pavel Volya performed at his first concertThe residents of Comedy Club got into the habit sparkle faces outside of the program.But the sharp-tongued, the notorious "glamorous bastard" Pavel Volya, who happily poured representatives of show business in their speeches, I have decided to try their hand at vocal genre. And here April 5, Will sing in fashionable Moscow club "16 tons" with his band "Multi-instrumentalists".Tickets for the entrance cost for clubs exorbitant - 1000. You can see that voiceless, but fun Will have a great future as a singer is to walk to it would be very smart in the next year or so for sure.As said the Pasha, he has serious problems with his leg, which he hurt on vacation. But, despite this, have worked the entire live concert and not even utter a word. Source: Pavel Volya performed at his first concert. . Читать полностью -->

Oksana Robski has reconciled with her boyfriend

Oksana Robski has reconciled with her boyfriendOksana Robski, if you believe the rumors, still married his longtime boyfriend Igor Shalimov. Recall that the couple were going to get married last year, but for various reasons, the celebration was postponed.And then the lovers quarreled and did. Of course, of no marriage could not be and speeches.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Igor and Oksana not so long ago reconciled. And began to think again about the wedding.This time the ceremony is to be held in Sri Lanka. They say the venue for the ceremony was chosen by Oksana. The writer had long dreamed of an exotic wedding. Читать полностью -->

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