Dima Bilan sank into the swamp

Dima Bilan sank into the swampIn search of a place for the may picnic singer Dima Bilan with friends nearly drowned, hitting on his "hammer" in the swamp. Save heavy SUV, luckily the artist and his passengers, succeeded only with the help found themselves near the tractor.Last week Dima busy: preparations for the "Eurovision-2008", the final of which will take place on may 24 in Serbia, he is almost all the time. At the may holidays 26 year old actor managed to squeeze in a day on a holiday out of town and get in trouble - nasty and funny at the same time.The swampDima together with friends running around the suburbs than one hour in search of a good picnic places. To reach chosen for the rest of the site, the company decided to cross a field by the roadside, but... there it was. Digging into new ground, the passengers and the star driver of a foreign car I realized that by drowning. Читать полностью -->

Mikhalchuk was murdered for political reasons

Mikhalchuk was murdered for political reasonsThe German newspaper Berliner Kurier again raises the question about the murder of Anna Mikhalchuk, who two weeks ago was found dead in the river spree.The police and the justice system is still inclined to suicide suffered from depression artist. However, in an article published on Saturday, speech, by contrast, is about the failures of the investigation, a belated autopsy and that criticized President Vladimir Putin, the woman was the victim of a crime.According to the author of the material on the body of the deceased there are multiple incised wounds, and the pockets of her clothes were stuffed with stones. Yesterday, commenting on the publication, one of the investigators confirmed that in the pockets of the woman was found cargo. "For people who want to commit suicide by jumping into the water, this is quite common. We often see this", he said.As for RAS, then, as it became known to journalists Berliner Morgenpost from circles close to the justice, it is about the so-called parallel stripes that can be applied in particular the ship's screws. Besides the corpse of Anna Mikhalchuk was discovered in the gateway Musandam in the Berlin district MiTo.The investigation is almost no doubt that Mikhalchuk voluntarily parted with life. Читать полностью -->

A Nude portrait of the official set record at Christie's

A Nude portrait of the official set record at Christie'sThe previous holder of the title of the most expensive artist was Jeff Koons, whose object "Suspended heart" went under the hammer at Sotheby"s in November 2007 for 23.6 million dollars.Portrait of a sleeping Nude the official named sue written by Lucien Freud in 1995, sold at new York auction Christie"s for 33.6 million dollars. It is reported by the Tape.ru. This is a new record price for the wings of 85-year-old master, once again won the title of most expensive living artist in the world. Bloomberg explains that the question is about price records at a public auction.The penultimate record price Freud painting was installed in November 2007 at Christie"s, when "Portrait of IB and her husband" was sold for $ 19.4 million.Painting by Mark Rothko, the American abstract expressionist, was sold at Christie"s may 13 for 50.4 million dollars in an optimistic estimate of 40 million. Total trading amounted 348,3 million dollars. Source: Nude Portrait of the official set record at Christie's. Читать полностью -->

In the US kicks off a new reality show about five young lesbians

In the US kicks off a new reality show about five young lesbiansAmerican TV channel Logo, created specifically for the homosexual audience, announced the emergence of a new lesbian reality show, starting on 9 June.According to Russian lesbian edition "Pinx" series will be called "Gimme Sugar".In a press release distributed Logo, talks about the idea of the show: "Five young lesbians from Los Angeles, CA has bitten off more than they can swallow: girls are trying to organize a private lesbian club. If the girls succeed, they will become the most young business-woman in this city. The girls have to fight, fall in love, fight and reconcile, since their main objective is to realize his dream at any cost.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Tatyana Arntgolts aged terribly

Tatyana Arntgolts aged terriblyThe young actress Tatyana Arntgolts in the story film series "And still, I love you" had to grow old to 20 years old. Coming up with a new image of the actress, make-up artists have overdone themselves and was appalled by the fruits of their work.Under the strict guidance of professionals monstrously cute girl grew old in just a few hours. Wanted Director Sergei Ginzburg, who initially said to change the actors will not be in any case, everyone plays himself in "young" and "old" forms. The idea of the Director was brought to life by a team of costume designers and make-up artists.Most went to the heroine Tatyana Arntgolts. Her Faith had to endure a lot of difficulties: the woman began to drink, went to jail, was seriously ill, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Of course, this is reflected in her appearance. Читать полностью -->

Zemfira Litvinova and beat journalists

Zemfira Litvinova and beat journalistsAfter a record-long concert (3 hours 40 minutes), Ramazanova together with Renata Litvinova once again reminded who the main troublemakers. On the street SEMA together with his musicians attacked journalists.Colleagues the Ramazanova began to threaten the reporters sitting in the van. Grabbing at the request semi metal urn, the musicians began to scream that will kill all the glass and even then...- Open the door! - rushed the young artist to the car.Very Zemfira at this time, a measure of hysterical steps the journalistic space around the machine. Only after a quarter of an hour the managers Ramazanova managed to appease the angry artist. Alivar village together with Litvinova into her car and sped away, according to the newspaper "Your day". Source: Zemfira Litvinova and beat journalists. Читать полностью -->

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