Carla Bruni apologized to the press

Carla Bruni apologized to the pressThe first lady of France, singer and former supermodel Carla Bruni-Sarkozy officially apologized to the newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur that compared it with the press of the period of Nazi occupation, when French Newspapers hunted Jews.The reason for such statements Bruni was the article that appeared on the website of Le Nouvel Observateur, which was reported without reference to any sources, that a few days before the wedding with Bruni, Sarkozy allegedly sent to his previous wife Cecilia SMS, writing: "If you come back, I'll cancel it"."Thanks to your website Le Nouvel Observateur has turned yellow. If such sites existed during the Second world war, as would have been the case with the "exposure" of the Jews?", said Bruni in expanded interview that appeared in the magazine L'express on Wednesday, February 13.Words Bruni has caused outrage edition of Le Nouvel Observateur. Chief editor Michel Labro (Michel Labro) called applied Bruni comparison "delusional, incredible, too pathetic and frankly idiotic".However, after Carla Bruni apologized, stating that it did not intend to offend anyone, the Director of Le Nouvel Observateur and one of its founders, Jean Daniel (Jean Daniel) in an official editorial acknowledged that the publication made a mistake by posting stuff about SMS.According to him, the publication of this material goes against the ethical guidelines of the publication. "If this information was available to the journalist the Erie Route Airy Routier), came to me, I would hasten to reject it," said Jean Daniel.At the same time he noticed that Nicolas Sarkozy, in a sense, himself responsible for what is happening, because the last time too actively puts his personal life on the show, "gives at the mercy of the press.". . . Читать полностью -->

Prince William will become a journalist

Prince William will become a journalistUpon completion of his service in the armed forces of the British Prince William will become a journalist. This was reported by the weekly newspaper the Sunday Mirror, ITAR-TASS reported. To work it will be in one of the London Newspapers, and sign materials such as William of Wales.Now 25-year-old Prince William is in the ranks of the Royal air force, where he trained as an aircraft pilot. In the coming weeks he will go to training in the Navy and will make a sea trip on one of the ships.However, after a few months of military service, the Prince will become a journalist. It is expected that he will be engaged in one of the London Newspapers international theme, as well as secular chronicle.Meanwhile, in Windsor castle don't expect Prince William will become a professional journalist. Standing second in the list on the throne, the Prince is undergoing intensive training to ensure that their time to become a monarch who has many knowledge and professional skills in the most advanced fields of modern society. Читать полностью -->

In St. Petersburg will be a monument to Marius Petipa

In St. Petersburg will be a monument to Marius PetipaA monument to the French choreographer and teacher Marius Petipa, more than 60 years has lived in Russia and formed the lion's share of academic ballet repertoire, will appear in St. Petersburg at the entrance to the Theatre Museum in the street Architect Rossi.According to "Kommersant", the application for participation in the competition announced by the Foundation Farukh Ruzimatov, will be accepted until April 25, 2008.Marius Petipa (1818-1910) put such important Russian classical repertoire ballets like "the Pharaoh's Daughter", don Quixote, La bayadГЁre, Sleeping beauty, Swan lake, Raymonda. Source: St. Petersburg will be a monument to Marius Petipa. . Читать полностью -->

Sexual problems have turned Hitler into a cruel tyrant

Sexual problems have turned Hitler into a cruel tyrantOn the shelves of even a small bookshop certainly there are several books about Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.They added one more - "The biggest mystery of Hitler", written by famous Russian historian, writer and TV presenter Leonid MACHINIM. Why the interest in this historical figure (by the way, tomorrow is the birthday of Nazi bosses number one) such persistent? "Do not all know about Hitler?" we asked the author.- There is in the world history of the individual, the magnitude of the crimes which are so incredible that they will always attract attention. I tried to give answers to many questions, but there are things to fully understand is still impossible. The researcher in some extent it is fascinating, however, often pushes to a false perception of the scale of the individual.Actually, as a person Adolf Hitler was a complete nonentity, but the scale of the atrocities is that they are as powerful lens turned his gigantic figure in. This optical effect Hitler's often attributed qualities which in actual fact he was not.- So, the final interpretation of Hitler has not yet been conducted?- All German archives concerning a 13-year period of Hitlerism were immediately opened after 1945. Written a lot of books, but imagine to this day in Germany come out more and more. Читать полностью -->

Chemotherapy brought Patrick Swayze to exhaustion

Chemotherapy brought Patrick Swayze to exhaustionChemotherapy that actor Patrick Swayze is being held in the U.S. Stanford, takes its toll. As there is a treatment, the actor is losing more and more weight, writes the German tabloid Bild.On the last photos taken on the days that publishes the publication, 55-year-old Patrick is not like the hero-lover, whom he once portrayed on the screen. The sharp blades and thin like a rope hand says about what price he is given the fight against the deadly disease.That Patrick Swayze has cancer of the pancreas, it became known in March and then treatment was initiated. The disease he was diagnosed at the early stage, which increases his chances, but the mortality rate from this cancer is extremely high.Meanwhile, on passing now in France for the Cannes film festival rumor has it that if the treatment is successful, Swayze could return to the remake of one of his most successful paintings - Point Break (point break), released in 1991, where he played a brave surfer-mugger Body, which catches COP (Keanu Reeves). At the end of the film the Swayze character supposedly voluntarily goes to destruction in stormy seas. Читать полностью -->

Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the baby

Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the babyMatthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves inadvertently learned the sex of their unborn child.In fact, when Hollywood actor and Brazilian model came to the hospital for examination, the doctor blurted out, even though they clearly stated that they do not want to know whether they have a boy or a girl, according to the Star."During the visit, the doctor is telling about the child, used the word "he". Noticing his mistake, he tried to justify that all children refers to as "he". However, when Matthew demanded to tell the truth, the doctor admitted that they will have a boy," according to an informed source.However now, when the couple know the sex of the baby, it will be easier to build room for the baby than it is now and deals in Camilla. According to a source, Matt handed her his credit card and gave us complete freedom in the design of not only the baby, but all their houses at a cost of $ 10 million in Malibu, McConaughey recently purchased for their growing family.38-year-old McConaughey met 25-year-old Brazilian model Alves, whose family moved to Los Angeles, over a year ago. Since then, they were constantly together, last year in Australia and in the Bahamas, where the actor starred in films. Source: Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the baby. Читать полностью -->

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