Sergei Bodrov Sr. created his own production company

Sergei Bodrov Sr. created his own production companyWriter and Director Sergei Bodrov-the senior has created a film company Bodrov Film Production. Himself Bodrov is now writing the script for the film about Osip Mandelstam's "Hope against all odds".There were already five projects, most of which Bodrov calls the film "Mongol-2" with a budget of $35 million. The filming should be completed in 2009, reports the the same will be funding the production of another historical epic, "Sultan Baybars". The script is not ready yet, above it is working, by the end of 2008 must be approved by the Director of the project.This year's "Mongol" Bodrov Sr. was nominated for "Oscar" in the category "Best film in a foreign language". Читать полностью -->

Children `stars` are doomed to be `secular cubs`

Children `stars` are doomed to be `secular cubs`To be a socialite, a lion or even lion cub is complex and time-consuming. Not everyone copes with this honorary role. Many public people sometimes don't know secular etiquette and rules of conduct in society.Therefore, the profession "be a star" should probably be taught from childhood.Many of the celebrities are taught to glory and publicity of their babies when they take their first steps. So recently started to do the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Her little daughter Ariadne became a frequent heroine of gossip, although she is not yet three years old. For last days the prize "the Golden seven" mother again took Arish (Anastasia affectionately calls the baby). Читать полностью -->

Jermaine Tilon died at the age of one hundred years

Jermaine Tilon died at the age of one hundred yearsThe famous French anthropologist, writer, feminist, former prisoner of Nazi concentration camps and the Resistance fighter Jermaine Tilon (Germaine Tillion) died Saturday at the age of one hundred years, AFP reports.Congratulating Tilion with the centenary anniversary in may 2007, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called it "love of the nation". She was born in a wealthy family may 30, 1907. Becoming an anthropologist, Tilion engaged in the study of Algeria. Between 1934 and 1940, she made four great journeys through the country on horseback, studying the life of the Berber tribes. When did the Nazi occupation of France, Tilion became an active member of the Resistance and in 1942 was issued by the Gestapo Catholic priest, who turned traitor. At the same time was arrested the mother Tylon found that she was hiding the English pilot, and at the end of 1943, the two women ended up in Ravensbruck concentration camp.Mother Tylon died in a gas chamber in 1945, however, Germain managed to survive until liberation. Читать полностью -->

Son Nabokov will publish his latest novel father

Son Nabokov will publish his latest novel fatherThe son of Vladimir Nabokov decided to publish the manuscript of his final novel of his father, according to NTV.The writer Vladimir Nabokov, who died in 1977 bequeathed to destroy the unfinished work with the working title "the Original of Laura. To die is ridiculous". The writer's widow decided not to execute his last will and before his death in 1991, bequeathed to their son, Dmitri Nabokov, decided the fate of the last novel. In 2005, the writer's son was going to destroy this work.The manuscript is kept in Swiss Bank.About the difficult decision to break the will of the father Dmitri Nabokov said in an interview with NTV.Dmitry, last Opera singer and race car driver, has agreed to reveal several pages of the manuscript."On the cards he wrote with a pencil. It's a wonderful thing. The original expression, expression, description," - said the son of the writer."Many will find it difficult to understand what is happening here, because there are a lot of bits and pieces. Читать полностью -->

SEX with Claudia Schiffer: the old guard never surrenders

SEX with Claudia Schiffer: the old guard never surrenders Former supermodel Claudia Schiffer has proven that she still has something worthy to show off on the cover of Vogue.Dressed only in lace panties and stockings with a belt, and even in cat mask, caller posing in a photo shoot for photographer Mario Testino, famous for his portraits of many celebrities, including Madonna and Princess Diana.The picture will become part of the collection of Mario under the uncompromising name - SEX.In the nineties Schiffer shone on the runway and on the covers of fashion magazines, but disappeared from the sight of the fans after the birth of her son in 2003 and, a year later, daughter.His new photoshoot Claudia makes a request for the return to the world of the fashion business.Take a look and see - the old guard does not want to give up !Schiffer argues that the time of the supermodels gone...In its forecasts, the models are no longer to achieve the glory that was once hers, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.To become a supermodel today, we need simultaneously to "light up" on all the covers of all fashion magazines of the world, which is practically not feasible in our day.It's nice to know a glory, which never reaches. Source: SEX with Claudia Schiffer: the old guard never surrenders (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Basque uncovered a terrible causes of divorce

Basque uncovered a terrible causes of divorceDivorce singer Nikolai Baskov was this information "bomb". The reasons for the separation of the actor and his wife Svetlana Spiegel still remained unclear.Spouses answered questions about it vaguely, their relatives also did not seek to tell the truth. And now, after many months after the scandal Nikolay Baskov has decided to speak frankly on this subject.On a direct question about who is to blame for the divorce, the singer replied: "had something To do with the older generation. I sincerely wish that in the future they gained a son-in-law with all the advantages, who want to see and which I did not possess. Unfortunately, for some reason they are not fighting for the daughter and for myself. People only think about themselves. Читать полностью -->

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