Bilan reached the final of the contest " Eurovision-2008`

Bilan reached the final of the contest Russian singer Dima Bilan reached the final of the music contest "Eurovision-2008".In the first semifinal, which ended in Belgrade on Tuesday evening (01:00 Wednesday GMT), Bilan by the Hungarian violinist Edwin Marton and Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko performed the song "Believe Me".According to music experts, "the Russian Musketeers" have a good chance of becoming winners. From a technical point of view of their composition was flawless and, no doubt, the most difficult of those 19 that were presented on Tuesday at the podium of the complex of the Belgrade arena.Apparently, the more comfortable other participants of the Russian trio felt Marton: a modest-sized "pills" made of artificial ice did not allow Plushenko to demonstrate their remarkable abilities, and what you felt, standing barefoot on the ice, Dima, only he knows, ITAR-TASS reported. However, numerous trainings were tempering singer.The other nine finalists: Kalomira (Greece), the Duo Nico and Vlad (Romania), Varnish (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the rock group "TERASBETONI" (Finland), Boaz (Israel), Sirusho (Armenia), the Duo of Elnur and Samir (Azerbaijan), ISIS Gee (Poland), Maria (Norway).From what was shown by the participants of the first semi-final, we can conclude that the main competition Bilan can be Greek and Armenian singer, debuted well at Eurovision Azerbaijani Duo and - by contrast - a "concrete" Finns (which translates as the name of the group "TERASBETONI").However, we have not seen the participants of the second semi-final, and there are very strong contenders: Swede Charlotte Perrelli, Ukrainian Ani Lorak, Belarusian Ruslan Alehno. We should not forget about the four artists representing the countries-founders of the competition (UK, France, Spain, Germany), and "joined them" as hostess of the festival Serbia.Under the new rules of Eurovision, they do not participate in the qualifying competition, and will perform only in the final. No doubt, the strongest of them - Serbian Jelena tomaЕЎeviД‡. Last year, Serbia's share of national luck has brought "the Prayer" Maria Serifovic.The second semi-final of the competition will be held on may 22, finals - Saturday, may 24. Читать полностью -->

Widow of Che Guevara published a book of memoirs about her husband

Widow of Che Guevara published a book of memoirs about her husbandSecond wife and widow of the legendary Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara Aleida March (Aleida March) published a book of memoirs, "Evocation", AFP reports.In the book she talks about the six years spent with Che Guevara before he renounced his Cuban citizenship and left to organize revolution in Africa.71-year-old March has dedicated the book to his children and companion of her husband Fidel Castro, with whom Che Guevara participated in the Cuban revolution in the years 1956-1959."I never gave and I'm not going to give an interview to reporters. All I wanted to say is written in this book", said March at the presentation of "Evocation" in the Cuban cultural center Casa de las Americas on Thursday.She added that to record her memories have advised friends who hinted to her that such a book could be a good screenplay.Che Guevara married Aleida March in 1957 after the divorce with his first wife, the Peruvian revolutionary Hilda Gadea. In 1965, after a quarrel with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara left Cuba and went on to form the revolutionary movement in Africa (Congo). Two years later, in 1967, he was captured in Bolivia, and then shot. In 1997 the remains of Che Guevara were transported to Cuba and placed in the mausoleum in Santa Clara. Source: Widow of Che Guevara published a book of memoirs about her husband. Читать полностью -->

Mikhail Tanich became the second father of Larisa Dolina

Mikhail Tanich became the second father of Larisa Dolina Hundreds of people came to the House of cinema in parting with Mikhail Marshak in this gloomy Saturday morning. There were also ordinary people, and cultural figures, and politicians. Larisa Dolina, Alexei Mitrofanov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Valery Syutkin, Alena Apina...Widow, Lidia, which was near a songwriter for over 50 years, quiet and reserved - probably didn't want to impose on people their experiences. Beside her and her two girls - Svetlana and Irina - sat the members of the group "Lesopoval" headed by Sergey Kuprik. The band cancelled their tour to tell the father-founder of the collective past "I'm sorry".Joseph Kobzon opened the ceremony of farewell with the words:- Country bids farewell to its outstanding citizen who walked the roads of war, experienced the repression and poverty, but gave people a lot of beautiful poetic words.The whole scene was littered with flowers and wreaths, the largest of which was a ribbon with the inscription: "to Michael Isayevich the Tanic from friends Lyubertsy". In the last journey of the poet accompanied with military honors - around the coffin was placed a guard of honor. Читать полностью -->

Inna Churikova was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unit

Inna Churikova was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unitFamous Russian actress Inna Churikova has been delivered in resuscitation unit of a Moscow hospital. The actress of theatre "Lenkom" brought a brigade of "first aid" in four hours of the day.Doctors suggest that the star suffered a stroke. The actress was placed in the Department of neuroresuscitation and appointed a thorough examination, the results of which will be elaborated in the course of treatment.Note, in September of 2007, Inna Churikova was hit by a car. Renault car hit a actress near her house, at the intersection of Komsomolsky Avenue and 2nd Frunzenskaya street. The woman crossed the road when she was done hitting. The kick actress threw on the hood, the driver braked sharply, and she fell on the asphalt.After the accident Churikova was delivered in one of capital clinics. Читать полностью -->

Timur Rodriguez and Ivan Rudyk conquer the world

Timur Rodriguez and Ivan Rudyk conquer the worldThe other day Timur Rodriguez and Ivan Rudyk returned from Egypt, and presented the single Things That Make You Fell (Its Your Party Time) in one of the best clubs in the world - "PASHA".Recall that the presentation of the single took place in Moscow in April of this year, after which the Duo decided to conquer the world and occupy the first positions of the charts of electronic music not only in Russia but also abroad."When we came on stage, and I saw a huge hall, two thousand people, - said Timur Rodriguez - I just broke off the head. The fact is that before I took all of it only as a parodist, and resident of "Comedy Club", and here I am stuck in front of everyone like a real singer. It was very cool! Source: Timur Rodriguez and Ivan Rudyk conquer the world. . . . Читать полностью -->

George Bush discovered Flemish roots

George Bush discovered Flemish rootsU.S. President George Bush has Flemish roots, says the newspaper "Flanders today".As the newspaper writes, Bush is a flow Willem Baudart (Willem Baudaert) who was born in 1560 in the town of Deinze (Deinze) to the West of Ghent.Persecuted Catholics who comes from a Protestant family, he was forced to settle in the Netherlands, where he became a reformist priest and a knowledge of Hebrew even helped to translate the Bible into Dutch.Daughter Baudart married a Dutchman Hendrik Beekman (Hendrick Beekman), with whom she had in 1623 his son Willem, later arrived at the settlement in America.There he became one of the most successful residents of Manhattan, where one of the streets bears his name - Beekman Street, the newspaper said.It is flora Sheldon (Flora Sheldon) - the offspring through several generations granddaughter of Beekman - Cornelia, married the grandfather of George Bush, Prescott Bush."The result is that George Bush has Flemish roots," concludes "Flanders today". Source: George Bush found Flemish roots. . . . Читать полностью -->

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