Baturin: Bilan owe me $400 thousand

Baturin: Bilan owe me $400 thousandWe already wrote about the family scandal that erupted between the producer of Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya and her husband Victor botulinum.Recall Rudkovskaya filed for divorce due to creative conflict with her husband, who refused to invest further work of Dima Bilan.Later Ian took a statement. However, the husband decided to divorce. After that, between the once happy couple started the war: Rudkovskaya wrote a statement to the police that her husband forbids her to see the children. And then said that the children had disappeared, and she doesn't know where her boys are. On the same day, the correspondents of "KP" met with Victor botulinum and his children in Penza, in the village Zubrilovka, where he restores the estate of Prince Golitsyn and the temple.- Victor Nikolaevich, what happens between you and Jana?Is unfortunate that in this situation our children to become for Yana bargaining chip. She has a few months doesn't live with us. Читать полностью -->

Polina Smolova hit by a car

Polina Smolova hit by a car"I was at the Studio at Alexander Gradsky. Discussed a new song. And my Director was waiting for me at the cafe across the road. I was running late and decided to shorten the path. To the pedestrian crossing was too far away to run, " said the singer.At this time for vehicles triggered the green light, and one of the cars standing on the road, dramatically moved forward, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".- It all happened in a matter of seconds. The driver of the red car (I even mark had no time to pay attention) swept past, hurt, I fell. Читать полностью -->

British artists painted watercolors by Hitler

British artists painted watercolors by HitlerJake and Dinos Chapman, the British Duo of conceptual artists, opened at London's White Cube gallery exhibition entitled, "How happy we would be, if Hitler was a hippie".The exhibition consists of 13 genuine watercolors by Adolf Hitler, on top of which the Chapman brothers have drawn the rainbow, skies with bright stars, smiling faces.According to the newspaper The Times, buy watercolors dictator cost brothers in 115 thousand pounds (about 230 thousand dollars). Now 13 works Hitler-Chapmanb estimated at 685 thousand pounds (1.37 million dollars).From the point of view of Chapman, their intervention has improved the work of Hitler, making them worse" (quoted by the Guardian). Dinos Chapman explained that Amateur watercolors by Hitler extremely helpless and unoriginal, and, looking at them, you cannot assume what spiritual qualities possessed by their author, especially since it cannot be assumed that he became a tyrant.According to the memoirs of Adolf Hitler, between 1910 and 1913 he wrote about a thousand watercolors. In those years they were sold for a pittance, but with Hitler's rise to power, his work has risen; they are still collectible. Source: British artists painted watercolors by Hitler. . Читать полностью -->

Claudia Schiffer was first undressed for the magazine

Claudia Schiffer was first undressed for the magazineFamous model Claudia Schiffer appeared on the cover of German Vogue in a very unusual way.Erotic photoshoot was not the first experiment of the stars of the podium, but in the magazine proudly declare: before Claudia had never allowed myself to be so Frank.The author photo was Mario Testino, who managed to get as a model not only Schiffer, but the other two "girls" of world renown. In front of the camera lens Testino Nadia opened Auermann and Catherine McNeil.Auermann appears in the picture in the half-opened blouse, and McNeil demonstrates the piercing intimate parts of the body.According to the photographer, it is impossible to make a perfect picture of sex, it is unspeakable and indescribable. "As in fashion, the important details sex: a quick look at the leg, pierced nipple of the breast, tattoo on thigh, silk stockings" - describes his ideas Testino.Of course, the main character became Claudia Schiffer. Her photo adorns the cover of the book. Those details, which were distributed by the photographer, in the picture's plenty of it and flirtatious carnival mask covering part of his face, and erotic stockings with belt, and a bright manicure, contrasting with the white skin.For 37-year-old model this is not the first candid shot. For example, once she was in delicate erotic context, for advertising champagne Dom Perignon. Читать полностью -->

Producer banned Bilan to go on `Eurovision`

Producer banned Bilan to go on `Eurovision`Plans Bilan on participation in the Russian national selection round of Eurovision-2008" has been violated by the investor and producer Bilan Viktor Baturin.As the Director of the Russian cultural Foundation "our Debts", he posted on the TV channel "Russia", which deals with the selection of participants, the official letter.In it, Buchanan puts the channel on notice that participation Bilan in the qualifying contest "Eurovision" was not agreed with him. And contract Bilan not eligible to participate in the contest without his consent. His Viktor is not going to give. In connection with this trip Dima Bilan at the forthcoming Eurovision is a big question, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Producer banned Bilan to go to Eurovision. . Читать полностью -->

On Valentine's Day stars confess their love in a special way

On Valentine's Day stars confess their love in a special way14 February, lovers celebrate Valentine's Day.This holiday, which has already spread to many countries, according to the legend associated with the Christian Martyr Valentine, who was executed on 14 February 269 ad by the Roman Emperor Claudius the Second.According to the legend, Claudius decreed that his soldiers should not marry during his military service. He believed that this reduces the strength of a soldier and his loyalty to the Emperor. The young priest Valentine secretly opposed the decree and continued to perform wedding ceremonies prohibited, for which he was executed and was later canonized by the Church.At a time when Valentine was in prison awaiting execution of the sentence, he reportedly fell in love with the jailer's blind daughter and cured her blindness. It is believed that before his execution he sent her a farewell message signed, "from your Valentine".The custom of exchanging this day postcards with messages of love originated in the 14th-15th centuries in England and France, and in the 19th and 20th century has become extremely popular in the USA, where the average American now spends on gifts on Valentine's day not less than $ 100.In Japan, in the town of Toi, Valentine's Day called the "day of incessant amorous adventures". Early in the morning here begins the love Parade, which is attended by young and happy couple. Hugs and kisses on the street in non-stop mode lasts until the evening, and then the lovers are a special mail send each other love messages. Читать полностью -->

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