Russell Brand claimed ownership of uma Thurman

Russell Brand claimed ownership of uma ThurmanThis week in Moscow has started the screening of "In flight" (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) with Russell Brand in one of the main roles. So, recently this outrageous comedian said their claims on uma Thurman.Mind pretty, she's like the animated statue. I'd like to get on her knees and pretend to be a baby.A couple of minutes on your knees uma Thurman, according to my rough estimates, will cost several million. And as I recall, Brand asset no Swiss banks. So, in the span of Russell. Source: Russell Brand claimed ownership of uma Thurman. Читать полностью -->

The death of Princess Diana ruining Britain

The death of Princess Diana ruining Britain7 million pounds reached the costs of the trial in the case of the death of the English Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed.Meanwhile, according to legislators, independent investigation is more like a farce and a waste of time and taxpayers ' money.Official data have been published on the website of the President of process Scott Baker. The figure does not include the remuneration of lawyers representing the process of witnesses from the British police, intelligence agencies and the father of Dodi - Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed.First results of ongoing for several months of the process should be finalized by March 31. As noted by Vesti.", speech at the trial on the case sometimes completely incredibly the British press interpreted here and cause such a stir that not so long ago a group of influential British parliamentarians demanded the cessation process.The loudest statements owned by Mohammed al Fayed. Many of his allegations were refuted by the detectives involved in the investigation into the deaths of Princess 31 August 1997 in Paris's Alma tunnel. However, it took significantly expand the number of witnesses that contributed to the increase in costs.Egyptian multimillionaire, in particular, has described the death of his son and Princess Diana as a "brutal murder", organized by the Secret intelligence service MI-6 by order of Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke witness called "racist and Nazi", noting his treatment of the daughter-in-law and a strong rejection by Prince Philip, the prospects for its relations with the representative of a different faith."Prince Charles was involved in the conspiracy, to clear the way for his marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles," said al-Fayed. Читать полностью -->

The ranking of the most attractive celebrity feet

The ranking of the most attractive celebrity feetKylie Minogue topped the list of female celebrities whose legs British men find most attractive.39-year-old Australian singer received in the survey, 15 percent of the vote, two points ahead of runner-up Hollywood actress angelina Jolie.The top five women also got Cameron Diaz and Beyonce Noles, reports femalefirst.Among men the first place was occupied by the feet of George Clooney, who is not averse to tickle 24% of Brits. On the second line, as well as his beloved Angelina, was brad pitt with 10% of the votes.The survey was conducted on behalf of the company Carnation Footcare producing means to care for your feet. Attended more than 2 thousand British people were asked to choose from a predefined list, with any of the celebrities they would most like to flirt his feet under the table.Leg ex-boyfriend of Kate moss Pete Doherty and the leader of the British conservative party David Cameron was the least attractive: they have not received a single vote.Men voted for:1. Kylie Minogue - 15 percentAngelina Jolie - 13 percentFearn cotton (leading British) - 10 percentCameron Diaz - 9 percentBeyonce Noles - 5 percentKatie Holmes - 4 percentKate moss - 3 percentJordan (Katie Price) - 2 percentDon't know - 6%Vs all - 25 percentWomen voted for:1. George Clooney - 24 percent2. Brad pitt - 10 percent3. Читать полностью -->

Fedorov has changed a lot after the wedding

Fedorov has changed a lot after the weddingLast summer one of the most beautiful girls of our country, the former "Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova got married.Now, when the date of marriage was almost a year, happy spouse student from Germany Philip Toft admits: new status took its toll on her."I have changed the taste, style of dress and behavior has become more democratic," she said. - Had the urge to all natural. How many times I've dyed my hair! Was a redhead, a blonde, a brunette. Now I have my natural hair color".Thanks to her husband, Oksana Fedorova became insistent and patient. So, Philip the girl had to stand on skis."When we celebrated the New year in Courchevel with the company, all rushed to the slope. On the first descent I fell. Читать полностью -->

Russia won the `Eurovision` double victory

Russia won the `Eurovision` double victoryRussia at the international musical contest "Eurovision" belong to two first prizes, said in an interview with RIA Novosti popular singer and producer Philip Kirkorov."This is a triumphant double victory. We received two prizes: the first Dima Bilan received. Second place 50% has to do with Russia, as he produced and wrote the music for a performance by Ani Lorak from Ukraine, the Russian citizen by the name of Philip Kirkorov," said the singer.In the night from Saturday to Sunday Bilan together with the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and Hungarian violinist Edvin Marton presented a three-room, which brought Russia its first victory in the history of Eurovision. The audience of the competition appreciated the performance of the singer in 272.Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak with the song Shady Lady, took second place with 230 points. Third place, the audience gave the performer from Greece Kalomira, received 218 points for the song Secret Combination."According to Kirkorov, "the first two prizes of "Eurovision" was international. "The first two places behind Russia this year. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney urges fans to become vegetarians

Paul McCartney urges fans to become vegetariansThere is at least one topic on which Paul McCartney and his ex-wife Heather mills, fully agree. We are talking about vegetarianism.The legendary beatle, as well as mills, a long time do not eat animal meat and agitate others to do so, reports Us Magazine.Now 65-year-old McCartney became the face of the new advertising campaign of the American organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) involved in the protection of animals, called "I am a vegetarian"."If anyone wants to save the planet, he just needs to stop eating meat. This is the single most important thing you can do," says McCartney.Advertising picture are his words: "Once, many years ago I was fishing and pulling water from the poor fish, I suddenly realized: "I kill her just for the sake of momentary gratification. Something inside me broke and I realized, by watching her gasping for air that her life for her is just as important as mine is to me"."I'm Paul McCartney and I'm a vegetarian" - proudly says the singer.PETA also publishes other treatment vegetarians, such as Pamela Anderson, Casey Affleck and Alicia Silverstone. Source: Paul McCartney urges fans to become vegetarians. . Читать полностью -->

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