Ben Affleck shared his thoughts on fatherhood

Ben Affleck shared his thoughts on fatherhoodBen Affleck talked about how cool it changed his life birth a year ago daughter violet."Fatherhood has made me more sensitive and caring," said the actor to the newspaper "The Independent". - Many things I began to feel more keenly".Influenced his mirovozzrenie and the fact that at birth the 35-year-old actor and his wife Jennifer garner daughter, Ben worked on the film "goodbye, baby, goodbye" about the kidnapping in a small us city girls. It was his directorial debut, which, according to most critics, was very successful. "This is a story about the fact that our society is not accustomed to take care of children the way it should. In addition, I wanted to emphasize that the media, fanning one story and turning a blind eye to thousands of similar, behave hypocritically," said Affleck in an interview.The actor believes that in recent years, he has grown both spiritually and in terms of creativity. He admitted that the UPS and downs of his career have been associated with permanent anxieties. Читать полностью -->

Sylvester Stallone started shooting `Rambo 5`

Sylvester Stallone started shooting `Rambo 5`On the wave of success of the fourth part bloody Thriller about a Vietnam vet Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone has signed a contract to take fifth series, where he again will serve as the lead actor and Director.Produce a picture will be Danny Dimbort, reports Reuters.At the moment the producers are considering several options of scenarios continue hits Stallone "First blood" and "rocky". Due to the fact that the Studio Nu Image and Millennium engaged in the production of "Rambo", entered into an interim agreement with the Guild of Hollywood screenwriters, the script of the new film will be ready by the fall, and then begin shooting.Several years ago, many doubted the possibility of such high-profile return Stallone on the big screen. Picture of "spy Kids 3D: Game over" (2003), in which the actor played one of the lead roles, failed at the box office. And in 2004 came out not very good Boxing reality show "the Contender" where Stallone acted as a lead.However, in 2006, the actor wrote the script and directed the movie "rocky Balboa", in which she performed the main role. "Rocky 6" appeared 16 years after the release of the latest series of a famous fighter. The release of the MGM with a budget of $ 24 million managed to earn 70 million Recent premiere of Lionsgate's "Rambo 4" was launched in theaters from 18.2 million in the box office and earned 10 days rental $ 25 million.Meanwhile, it became known that Rambo-4" banned in Myanmar, a country where the film takes place. Читать полностью -->

Galkin took hypnotherapy in Switzerland to the best doctors

Galkin took hypnotherapy in Switzerland to the best doctorsAfter learning that max is flying on tour in Switzerland, the diva decided to go with him to consult with foreign experts.Since 58-year-old singer injured his leg on the set of the program "Two stars", it's been more than a month, but she still limps and suffers terrible pain.Recently Alla Borisovna was advised to go to multi-Medical center of the University of Zurich, where there is a special Department of "trauma Surgery". There are the best experts in Europe in this field.A doctor who treats these injuries really expects the patient from Russia, - have confirmed to us in the clinic. "But she asked not to be named.As far as cases and clinic visit will delay star couple abroad, will depend on the decisions of doctors. Perhaps the Queen of the Russian scene will have to meet the main female holiday away from home.The proposalMaxim Galkin did not plan in his busy tour schedule country banks, cheese and chocolate. This year he will tour Germany a lot, and recently he returned from Siberia. However, the number of concerts in Russia he had to lay off because he received a better offer. Читать полностью -->

The court recognized the innocence of the wife to the death of Diana

The court recognized the innocence of the wife to the death of DianaNo sign of the involvement of Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and the British intelligence service MI-6 to the death of Princess of Wales Diana and her friend Dodi al-Fayed not.This was announced on Monday, March 31, the Chairman of the hearing at London's Royal court Lord Scott Baker.The father of Dodi, businessman Mohammed al-Fayed, who achieved that hearings on the case of the death of the Princess were open to the press, claims that the death of his son and the Princess was the result of a conspiracy organized by MI-6 by order of the wife of the British Queen Elizabeth II the Duke of Edinburgh Philip. The number of people who could be indirectly involved in the death of Dodi and Diana, al-Fayed said sister Diana Sarah Mccorquodale and the former head of Scotland Yard, Lord Condon.Princess of Wales Diana, Dodi al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul died in a car crash in Paris on the night of 31 August 1997. Source: the Court recognized the innocence of the wife to the death of Diana. . . . Читать полностью -->

Shot Tolstoganova Victoria gave birth to a boy

Shot Tolstoganova Victoria gave birth to a boyThe actress shot Tolstoganova Victoria on Monday morning for the second time became a mother. In the family of Victoria and her husband, actor Andrew Kuzichev already growing up the daughter of a barbarian. Now the girl has a little brother.The baby was born tiny - 2 kg 690 grams and 47 inches. However, the boy's parents are large in size.The clinic where her son was born, Victoria was shot Tolstoganova chosen arbitrarily. There's also three years ago the actress gave birth to her daughter.For medical reasons gave birth to the actress not alone - she had to have a C-section, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The operation went smoothly.Now both mum and baby are doing well. Читать полностью -->

Prince William has landed at the house of the future mother-in-law

Prince William has landed at the house of the future mother-in-lawBritain's Prince William during a training flight landed a military helicopter at the house of the parents of his girlfriend, reports AP.The British media has called the incident a waste of resources at a time when the country's armed forces are busy with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Landing on the farm of the family of Middleton took place on 3 April. It was planned and approved in the framework of training the Prince's pilot, reported in the British Ministry of defence."The aircraft landed in a field after taking all necessary security measures and has been on the earth for 20 seconds. No one from the helicopter never left and was not raised on it", - reported in the Ministry.They added that the armed forces lack the landing sites and often ask landowners for permission to use their fields for training. The farm is located at a distance of 16 miles to the North-West air base Odiam, where the Prince took to the air.Prince William and Kate Middleton meet since Dating at the University of S. Andrews in Scotland. They're engaged and, say, marriage between them is not far off. Читать полностью -->

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