In the United States died the founder of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz

In the United States died the founder of chaos theory, Edward LorenzOn Wednesday in the U.S. died a famous American mathematician and meteorologist, one of the founders of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz. He died of cancer at his home in Cambridge (Massachusetts) at the age of 90.According to relatives, he had led an active lifestyle, according to the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), in which Lorenz worked since 1948.Lorenz was one of the authors of the theory of chaos. This branch of mathematics, the development of which began in the 1960-ies, studies seeming random or very complex behavior of deterministic dynamical systems - systems whose state changes in time according to fixed mathematical rules. He also developed the scientific concept of "the butterfly effect" according to which minor impacts can cause major changes.His discovery he illustrated the example of a butterfly from Brazil, the flapping wings which causes a chain complex of climatic changes and causes a hurricane in Texas ("the butterfly effect" causes, and the allusion to the story by ray Bradbury "a sound of thunder", where the death of a butterfly in the distant past alters the future world).Opening Lorentz marked the beginning of new areas of research not only in mathematics, but in almost all branches of science - biology, physics and sociology. In meteorology this led to the conclusion that it is fundamentally impossible to predict the weather with a reasonable degree of accuracy more than two to three weeks in advance.According to some scholars, the twentieth century will be remembered three revolutionary scientific theories of relativity, quantum mechanics and chaos."Showing that certain deterministic systems have formal limits of predictability, Edward scored the final nail in the coffin of the Cartesian Universe and created what some have called the third scientific revolution of the twentieth century after relativity and quantum physics," says Kerry Emanuel, Professor of meteorology at MIT.Lorenz was born in 1917 in West Hartford, Connecticut. Читать полностью -->

Shaolin monks was brought to Moscow his show

Shaolin monks was brought to Moscow his showThree performances of the monks of the Shaolin monastery in China, demonstrating martial arts skills, all combined in one show, will be held in Moscow at the concert hall "Mir" 10, 11 and 12 March 2008.The achievement of monks known in the West as complexes of martial arts kung fu or Wushu.Centre for training in martial arts for fifteen hundred years has been and remains the Shaolin monastery, located in Henan province seven hundred kilometers South-West of Beijing. At the monastery there is a special Academy, masters and graduates of which regularly perform in the PRC. In a press release the organizers of Moscow's statements says that in the Russian capital will be shown "similar performance". Source: Shaolin monks brought to Moscow his show. . . Читать полностью -->

Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the hospital

Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the hospitalLegendary actress Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the Central clinical hospital in which she ended March 13 with dementia.Intensive therapy, experts appointed by the great 82 year old artist, brought the expected result.- She's much better now, she says, and even tries to get out of bed, " says the doctor. "We hope that in the home environment Nonna Viktorovna faster turn for the better.Mordyukova really wanted to get out of the hospital, but the doctors tried to persuade her to finish the course of treatment. To ask to let her go home actress started as soon as she felt better.Hospital walls are killing me, " she complained Mordyukova. - I'm fine, let me go home, I need the book to finish.The diseaseRecall that when Nonna Viktorovna was admitted in the hospital, she was so bad that even to move on their own could not. Doctors diagnosed the greatest actress of serious illness - the disintegration of mental functions resulting from brain lesions. But now it's all over.Take Mordjukova from the clinic came sister Natalia. Читать полностью -->

The triumphant return of Britney Spears

The triumphant return of Britney SpearsSinger Britney Spears over the past few months has changed so much that now it is possible to take it seriously and talk about the real stars return to the stage.We will remind, in January of Affairs actress was not the best way. It was surrounded by suspicious people like "Manager" Sam Lutfi or boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, Britney has taken drugs, alcohol, huge amounts of absorbed energy drink, talking to herself and showed clear signs of mental disorder.Spears then forbidden to see the children and after another disruption recognized incapacitated and appointed a guardian of her father Jamie Spears. Since then, life stars cool start to change. Britney Spears stronger returns to normal, and his father all the time close to her, trying to protect his daughter from undesirable activities.Progress Britney noticed not only in court, where she was allowed to see the children several times a week, but on the record company. In Sony BMG give the nod to future performances of the actress.According to the Sun newspaper, in the campaign for the return of Britney Spears on stage invested $ 10 million. The singer at the end of the year will perform at the show in Las Vegas, this will be followed by several more dates.Say, show Britney Spears would be awesome. Читать полностью -->

Uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 million

Uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 millionThe lawyers of the actress uma Thurman on Friday sued the Manhattan lawsuit against cosmetics company Lancome, reported Reuters.The plaintiff alleges that the company used her image in advertising after graduating from the contract that was signed in 2000 and expired for advertising in Europe in September 2004, and for other countries in December of the same year.According to the lawsuit, customers have formed a "false impression" that the actress is still associated with Lancome. In this regard, Thurman requires to reimburse her $ 15 million.In L'oreal owns Lancome, stated that using the image Thurman after the contract was minor and unintentional. It adds the Agency, the parties ' lawyers are trying to reach a friendly settlement. Source: uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 million. . . Читать полностью -->

Doctors are trying to restore it Karachentsov

Doctors are trying to restore it Karachentsov63-year-old Nikolai Karachentsov was taken to the clinic at the Institute of human brain Russian Academy of medical Sciences in St. Petersburg, to restore to him the speech, the newspaper "Your day".Doctors expect that this actor will be able to recover after the application of a special method of treatment based on the effects of electric current on the human brain. A unique course, I hope the doctors can help to Nikolay Petrovich could be fully discussed. While the actor says very bad, and his words hard to understand.In St. Petersburg the Institute Nikolai Karachentsov was going to come back in November last year, but then his plans were prevented by sudden illness. The trip had to be postponed.Karachentsov and his wife Lyudmyla Parginos provided double VIP ward in the Department of neurosurgery. Читать полностью -->

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