The Indians forgave Richard Gere scandalous kiss

The Indians forgave Richard Gere scandalous kissThe Supreme court of India suspended its earlier Richard Gere warnings about the arrest. Now the actor can come into the country without fear of being planted in the Indian jail.Recall that in April last year on blagotvoritelem event organized in new Delhi in the framework of the fight against AIDS, Gere kissed the winner of the show "Big brother, 31-year-old star of the bollywood Shilpa Shetty. It is called in India a wave of indignation among the defenders of traditional moral standards. Mass protests swept through many cities. In some they were even accompanied by the burning of effigies of Gere and Shetty. In the courts of different provinces was filed three claims.As told to the Associated Press, the representative of the actress Anil Grover, Indian Supreme judge Balakrishnan (K. Читать полностью -->

Father personally took Britney Spears to the gynecologist

Father personally took Britney Spears to the gynecologistPassions around pregnancy Britney Spears hot. Photographers captured the controversial singer emerging from the medical center accompanied by his father. Lynn Spears personally drove my daughter on reception of the best in Los Angeles gynecologist.Pregnant pop star spoke two weeks ago, when the Spears stomach noticeably rounded, and her friend-the paparazzi began to brag that knocked up pop Princess. A couple seen in pharmacies, where Spears bought pregnancy tests. Recently the singer has severed its relations with the Arab Adnana Galiba after he learned that he often goes to the waitress from the bar.The younger Spears sister, who just turned 17 years old, also pregnant and will give birth this year. As for Britney, her children - two-year-old Sean Preston and 17-month-old Jayden James - pop star was allowed to see only in the presence of a social worker or father kids Kevin Federline. Читать полностью -->

Avraam Russo wants to return to Russia

Avraam Russo wants to return to RussiaA year and a half after the machine singer has raked in the centre of Moscow, he finally decided to appear in public. Though not in the Russian capital, and Ukrainian.- The main condition for coming here was for my safety, told Abraham Russo. - Now guarding me all day, I need to feel secure.Indeed, much frightened singer didn't look - he has lost some weight and got a tan, but, once settled in America, still loves to tell about the assassination.- I was not on vacation - I was operated on, then I recovered, " says the artist. - At first it was difficult to stand on the stage, so I was afraid. Invited to a private party where the host is not squeezed out of me, and when I sung for half an hour, he came up to me, hugged. After that I got a second wind. Читать полностью -->

Discovered two unknown portrait of Mozart

Discovered two unknown portrait of MozartDiscovered two previously unknown lifetime portrait of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Painting was able to identify the Professor of history of music, king's College London on cliff Eisen, who have studied the correspondence of Mozart and his father Leopold, writes The Times.One of the portraits was written in 1783, when the composer lived in Vienna after marriage with Constance. Picture of size 47 by 35 cm was made court painter Joseph Chicalim. Now the canvas is appreciated and insured in the amount of $ 4 million.Professor Aizen compared the red jacket with pearl buttons, in which Mozart appears in the picture, with a description of the same jacket in one of his letters, which the composer sent to his patron, Baroness March Elizabeth von Waldstatten in 1782."I'll be grateful if you could tell me where and at what cost I can buy wonderful red jacket, which I love. I was so struck by its beauty that simply didn't notice the price, " he writes. - I want the same jacket, because it's worth it if only because their buttons".The second portrait of the 8 year old Mozart is depicted together with his sister Nannerl in 1764. Children pose in elegant English suits that their father mentions in his letters. Читать полностью -->

Boyfriend Kate moss made her an offer

Boyfriend Kate moss made her an offerBritish supermodel Kate moss is getting married. About this 34-year-old star herself told her fans in Amsterdam where she went with her boyfriend Jamie Hince, reports The Sun.An eyewitness said: "They were in the bar. Kate was excited and looked very happy. She came out giggling and seemed a bit tipsy. Around it gathered a lot of fans who were taking pictures on her mobile phone cameras. "I'm getting married," he told them moss. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan stopped drinking for a movie

Lindsay Lohan stopped drinking for a movieLindsay Lohan has revised down his life for his role in the movie "Alice in Wonderland".- Recently I was finally able to look at a sober look at your life and it dawned on me: what was I thinking before? - shared the actress.Because I'm still young, I love life, I love music, love people. Before that I did not have enough time even to listen to their feelings. Now I'm starting another life.Transformed and enlightened Lindsay immediately tried to attract the attention of Director Tim Burton, who starts the film by the immortal work of Lewis Carroll. The role of Alice - old dream of a Hollywood starlet.- Hope, Tim decides to give the role to an unknown actress, as only I can play it! added Lindsay. Source: Lindsay Lohan stopped drinking for a movie. . Читать полностью -->

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