Marika has posed naked for the magazine SIM

Marika has posed naked for the magazine SIM Girlfriend of the resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya, the famous host Marika, starred in a candid photoshoot for men's magazine.Former top model and now the media personality Maria Kravtsova, worked for the magazine SIM best.As always, the girl worked really good. The whole crew was in awe of such a wonderful model. Yes another reaction and just could not be. Marica in 2001, at the age of 16, was awarded the title of "Vice-miss Moscow" and has for six years been one of the most beautiful people in the capital of Russia. However, the last time 23-year-old Masha Kravtsova prefer not to undress... and get dressed. Читать полностью -->

March 8 will be a presentation of a book about a group of `Leningrad`

March 8 will be a presentation of a book about a group of `Leningrad`On international women's day - 8 March - the Moscow House of the book will be a presentation of the book about the band "Leningrad", music written by a columnist of the magazine "Afisha" Maxim Shemalecom.The publication beyond the traditional biography of the group and became, under the author's definition, "a gift set of memories with a claim to a collective self-portrait".The book was called "music for the Man. The history of the group "Leningrad" and became the first printed edition of the odious offspring Sergey Shnurov. The author positions himself as a witness and the party described in the book of events and constantly confirms the narrative of the witnesses."Because "Leningrad" - the phenomenon not so much music, how many life's, and the main attention is paid not record the details, but life and time in all his beauty and filth," explains Semlak. Source: 8th of March will be a presentation of the book about the band "Leningrad"". . . Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II opened the fifth Heathrow terminal

Elizabeth II opened the fifth Heathrow terminalBritain's Queen Elizabeth II opened on Friday, the new fifth terminal (T5) London Heathrow international airport, the construction of which has caused fierce debate among the British public, reports BBC News.In his speech at the opening ceremony, the Queen called T5 "gateway to Britain of the 21st century".The construction of the terminal cost the British Treasury 4.5 billion pounds and lasted from September 2002. However, the plans for the establishment of the T5 were first published 15 years ago, in February 1993. T5 will serve exclusively to customers of British Airways and its full operation will begin March 27.The new terminal is placed in the Western part of the existing Heathrow airport and is a complex of three buildings, linked by transitions. The entire terminal has access to the subway lines and commuter trains linking London Heathrow with London. The complex includes 50 new Parking areas for aircraft, the number of which will be increased to 60 by 2010, the largest in Europe the baggage handling system - 12 thousand units per hour, Parking at 3800 cars, 112 shops, restaurants and eateries, 800 common areas. The T5 is designed to accommodate 30 million passengers a year and after his commissioning of the total passenger traffic Heathrow will reach 95 million, making this the largest airport passenger terminal complex in the world.Another innovation, which is planned for a T5, will become an advanced security system - all flying out passengers, including domestic flights, will be required to undergo biometric verification. Читать полностью -->

Found unknown photographs of Elvis Presley

Found unknown photographs of Elvis PresleyIn the United States were never discovered previously unpublished photographs of Elvis Presley taken during his concert at the sports complex Madison Square Garden, said on Thursday the Associated Press.Shots were taken in 1972 the official photographer of Madison Square Garden George Kalinsky. He picked up the photographs for the exhibition "Great moments in new York" and stumbled upon a series of photos of Elvis. Within the exhibition it is planned to create three-tier poster on top of the Virgin store in times Square. One of the photos where Elvis is in a sparkling jumpsuit forward her hands, will be placed on the poster.In addition to this photo, Kalinski discovered more than 40 images of Elvis in good quality. According to him, he had never seen the film, made at the Elvis concert at Madison Square Garden, as he was sure that there are no good shots.Found a collection of photos Kalinski will be presented to the audience as part of the exhibition "Elvis Jumpsuits: all access". Source: Found unknown photographs of Elvis Presley. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears again got in an accident

Britney Spears again got in an accidentAmerican singer Britney Spears has once again been in a car accident. At an intersection in Beverly hills (CA) controversial star on his Mercedes struck the rear bumper of the SUV in the Ford, driven by the woman was.The incident occurred in front of several lenses of the paparazzi who constantly are shooting, when Britney appears outside the protected area. The entry of a collision after a few minutes had been published on the website to The Sun, in the collision nobody suffered, and not even Britney got out of the car. A woman who drove a Ford Explorer, was interviewed by her bodyguard. After that, red SUV followed Mercedes Britney to her house, where, perhaps, the incident was settled peacefully.Britney got in the exact same clash on April 12 of this year. And in October last year, the court of Los Angeles removed from the scandalously famous pop singer charged under criminal article threatened her with jail time up to six months.This penalty is the singer could get over the fact that two months earlier fled the scene of a traffic accident, leaving the owner of the affected vehicle is no information about yourself, ITAR-TASS reported.Recently there are rumors about another pregnancy Britney, they have even made photos of Britney's noticeably rounded tummy, but The Sun believes that the star then just tightly ate. Читать полностью -->

Veronica Castro returns after a 35 year break

Veronica Castro returns after a 35 year breakMexican actress verГіnica Castro (in Russia remember her on the TV series "the Rich also cry") will play a role in a theatrical Comedy - for the first time after a 35 year break, reports ITAR-TASS.The show is called "Small but hot. As explained by the producer Ruben Lara, the last time the star of the television series participated in such productions in the 70-ies of the last century Source: Veronica Castro returns after a 35 year break. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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