Model Jordan tans in Cannes Topless

Model Jordan tans in Cannes Topless Model Jordan, like all of Honolulu, is now in France at the Cannes film festival. Charter from London to bad weather, she decided to take advantage of Sunny days and pasaport Topless.Portal HollywoodTuna Cannes today published photos of the controversial British model, noting that this is the first footage of Topless after recently Katie Price (real name is Jordan) surgery for breast reduction. Well, someone came to the famous film festival to showcase the exquisite toilets, and the results of the work of plastic surgeons. Source: Model Jordan tans in Cannes Topless (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Litvinov got the hots for a young actress

Litvinov got the hots for a young actressThe paper deals with Anya, the young talent from Omsk, a rising star of Russian cinema, it seems, is infatuated with not only a former spouse of Eugenia Hook. The party is now being discussed spicy news, published a long tongue of one who you and Renata Litvinova.The lady said that languid blonde is making love to his partner on the film "Cruelty".Picture of "Cruelty", filmed over a year ago, tells about the relationship of a teenager Vicky and 30-year-old unmarried Zoe. And Junior treats and teaches the older, for one am immensely grateful. The theme of lesbian love runs through the film like a red thread. Zoe (Renata Litvinova) unwittingly falls head over heels into a small predator (Anya Begunov). However, she indignantly rejects the whimsical suggestion of a Wiki to "sleep". Читать полностью -->

Mel Gibson for the first time in six years, will play a major role

Mel Gibson for the first time in six years, will play a major role Mel Gibson has agreed to filming "Edge of Darkness". Gibson got the role of a COP who investigates the murder of her own daughter. Actor for the first time since 2002, will play the leading role, writes Variety.Director of the film made by Martin Campbell (Martin Campbell), starred in an eponymous six-hour TV series 1985 for the BBC. William Monahan William Monahan), awarded "Oscar" for his work on the movie by Martin Scorsese, "the Departed" ("The Departed"), will write the screenplay.In 2006, they released filmed by Campbell film "Casino Royale", the 21st part of "James bond".The last tape, in which Gibson played a major role, there were paintings of "We were soldiers" and "Signs". In 2004 Gibson made in the Oscar-nominated film "the passion of the Christ", and in 2006 he premiered his second film "Apocalypse".It is worth noting that on the website for 2008 announced two more projects involving Gibson - "Sam and George" and "Under and Alone". Source: Mel Gibson for the first time in six years, will play a major role (photo). Читать полностью -->

Carla Bruni has been overshadowed by Sarkozy

Carla Bruni has been overshadowed by Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday arrived in London with a "state visit special risk".It is this definition appeared in the press is not accidental, it is no secret that many believed that the informal presidential couple could not cope with the Prim Royal reception.As expected, during the visit, the French President was going to lay the foundations of an Anglo-French brotherhood" and to draw a line under centuries of rivalry between the two countries. It would seem, what could be more important than this? But the reality was not so: all the attention of the world media was focused on, primarily, to the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni.Former supermodel specially prepared for the execution of Protocol duties, he took lessons of etiquette, and began to dress in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. Contrary to all fears, she did not forget to sit down in a curtsy before Queen Elizabeth and as someone with experience on the catwalk professionally maintained on his face a wide smile.At some point, which cannot fail to note, there was a feeling that Madame Sarkozy at ease. This can be explained by the fact that the British tabloids in droves reprinted photo Nude Bruni, made at a time when she was still a model. According to information from the entourage of the French President, Bruni came in indignation against such a "gift".We are talking about black and white photography 1993, which, as it became known the day before, the auction house Christie's is going to auction in new York on 10 April this year. The photograph was taken by renowned photographer Michel Comte.The starting price of the picture is equal to $4 thousand. Читать полностью -->

In the Internet were intimate photos Volochkova

In the Internet were intimate photos Volochkova In the Internet were personal photos ballerina Anastasia Volochkova 10 years ago.In 22 years Volochkova was friends with their peers, burning brunettes Nikolay Zubov - grandson of the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Inna Zubkovsky, distinguished as a classical ballet dancer and a brilliant teacher.Seven years ago, Inna Borisovna, alas, deceased, and a grateful student Anastasia helped with the installation of her monument.Now Nikolai Zubkovsky is a character dance soloist of the Mariinsky theatre.Photos from the personal archive Zubovsky posted on the web edition of "Paparazzi".On Volochkova images and performing extensively rehearsing in the apartment, sunbathing together on the beach and drink at the table. According to the publication, Volochkova Zubkovsky and remain friends to this day. Here are just Volochkova already married to lawyer Igor Vdovin and bore him a daughter, and performing extensively research continues.Anastasia is not the first time to appear in the Picante form the pages of Newspapers, not long ago, the Internet was flooded with pictures, which the ballerina together with the civil husband Igor Vdovin appeared in a favorite of many wealthy Russians destination - Dubai.Ballerina, according to the newspaper "Your day", spent hours swimming in the sea and the pool.And on the beach Anastasia, as befits the star appeared fully armed. In the midst of a Sunny day she went out to sea with makeup and heavily rouged cheeks.Photoshoot bathing Volochkova had in Runet then a wide resonance - will have the opportunity to see the famous ballerina in a swimsuit? Source: the Internet got intimate photos Volochkova (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Husband `tattoos` beat guard

Husband `tattoos` beat guard Civil husband "tattoos" Julia Volkova broke the guard's Sheremetyevo airport.Parviz Yasenevo not so much, as the security service had treated Julia, that he attacked the security guard with his fists.As found "Z", the young family showed up at the airport when check-in of passengers on the flight from Moscow to Los Angeles was coming to an end. When Julia passed through the archway, load the signal. Apparently, "tattoo" forgot to take out something from his pockets. The security officer asked Volkov to go again, laying out the contents on the table.FightWhile the security guard several times touched Julia, insisting that she return to the detector. That is what pissed Parviz. As you know, in the East, where the beloved singer, to touch a strange woman. Читать полностью -->

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