Rihanna blasted the organizers of the concert in Moscow

Rihanna blasted the organizers of the concert in Moscow20 - year-old singer Rihanna threw a fit the organizers of the concert in Moscow when it landed the plane, not in the airport and forced to go through airport security with ordinary passengers.About it writes "Your day".The trouble singer began even before the departure to the capital. First, the star was unable to leave dГјsseldorf, where he performed on Saturday. German airline delayed the flight because of bad weather. And then the side of the singer we had put in Domodedovo airport, and not at Vnukovo-3, as planned earlier.In the end, the star landed in Moscow with a time delay. And even in the very remote from the city airport. Besides Rihanna had to pass through passport control together with the passengers of regular flights."She threw my managers on the way to the hotel - said "TD" organizers of the Moscow concert of world-famous celebrity. Читать полностью -->

Valeria exceeds energy even Madonna

Valeria exceeds energy even MadonnaLegendary star Robin Gibb said that the Russian singer superior energy world pop Queen.On Saturday in one of the elite clubs in Moscow at the presentation of the long awaited album by Valeriya Out Of Control Russian star sang a duet with British musician Robin Gibb.- Valerie just amazing energy - admitted after the presentation, Mr. Gibb. - Perhaps even stronger than the Madonna. I have not met! I am sure that on the world stage Valery has a great future!Robin Gibb - one of three brothers who founded the legendary group the Bee Gees, whose work was an integral part of the movement disco. Albums of this team at the time, sold millions of copies.In Russia Mr Gibb invited the husband and the producer of the singer Iosif Prigozhin, in order to make a gift.ValeriaWith Valerie Robin met last year in London. After hearing her sing the song Stayin - Alive, Mr. Читать полностью -->

Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctors

Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctorsThe Maitre of the Russian singers Joseph Kobzon due to poor health had to ask again for help to the doctors. In one of the elite medical centers in Moscow, 70-year-old singer was prescribed a course of specialized therapy.The last time Joseph is feeling unwell. But due to the tight schedule of the tour, the singer found time to go to the doctors. To persuade the legendary singer to seem doctors manage his wife Nelly, the newspaper "Your day".- After the course of treatments, we will conduct a survey and then decide on further treatment, says doctor of the clinic where treated Kobzon. - I hope that therapy will be effective. Source: Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctors. Читать полностью -->

Madonna tries to keep her husband

Madonna tries to keep her husband The fact that guy Ritchie recently appears with Madonna in public, have given rise to many rumors. Meanwhile, as the career of the pop diva goes up rapidly, the guy did not bother to come to the events that play nemalovajnuy role in the life of the Madonna.In February she presented her debut directing film "Filth and wisdom". Although critics did not miss the opportunity to let go of a few barbs in Madonna, the queue that had gathered before the show, definitely indicated the success.A month later there was another significant event in the life of the singer. Madonna solemnly adopted to the Hall of fame rock-n-roll. In order to get there, must be at least twenty-five years after the release of the first album.It would seem in the life of the Madonna now is clearly not a black stripe. The only bad one - guy Ritchie wasn't around. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan moved his wedding

Dima Bilan moved his weddingDima Bilan before the trip to Belgrade was assured that in case of a victory on "the Eurovision" will certainly marry his girlfriend Lena Kuletskaya."After Eurovision, I think, is a global event in my life and happen, said the singer two months ago. Especially if you come home with a victory. Then just get married! Lena I have long felt a member of his family. I really believe in.". . . Читать полностью -->

Father Cameron Diaz died

Father Cameron Diaz diedThe father of Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz died suddenly from pneumonia, according to the website TMZ.58-year-old Emilio Diaz, who lived in the city of seal beach in California, recently caught the flu, which then turned into pneumonia. Informed sources say they were shocked by the sudden death of Diaz, as he always was in good health. The man died on Tuesday morning.Cameron, who is now starring in the movie My Sister's Keeper, refuses to comment. At the moment it all stopped shooting.Parents Emilio Diaz were emigrants from Cuba. He worked as a foreman in one of the oil companies. Once he appeared in small roles in the film to his daughter "there's something about Mary". Читать полностью -->

David Hockney has presented his masterpiece to the Tate Museum

David Hockney has presented his masterpiece to the Tate MuseumThe famous British artist David Hockney gave one of his best works of the gallery of modern art Tate. The generous gift was grateful for the support and attention to his work.The artist donated to the Museum by the greatest of his works. Thus the artist has set an example for your fellow creative, writes the newspaper The Independent. According to the master, the artists are "obliged" to donate their works to public museums that the public did not lose the opportunity to admire their beauty.The picture in question is called "Tall trees near Warter". That's a pretty big canvas size 4.6 to 12 meters, which shows a spring landscape with nature of Yorkshire. In the summer of 2007 this work was exhibited at the Royal Academy, where it occupied an entire wall.Himself Hockney admitted that he felt the need to donate their work to museums. Читать полностью -->

Autumn will be a collection of clothes by Timothy

Autumn will be a collection of clothes by TimothyRapper Timati signed a contract with the company, which traditionally produces the goods for sports and rest. Autumn new collection will appear in all the stores in our country.Ritual dances, drumming, half-naked girls and unrelenting pathos. The scale corresponds to the traditions of hip-hop. All around glitters: the air was filled with luxury and tobacco smoke. I can guess that in a dark room is a presentation of the sports brand of clothing."Music and sports are close in spirit. I created the logo and personally oversaw every model in this collection. Читать полностью -->

Julia snatched with fists on the Mary Weber

Julia snatched with fists on the Mary WeberShocking "tattoo" Yulia Volkova scandal Maria Weber, the soloist of the group "Tutsi". A bone of contention between artists became the ex-spouse of Mary, and the current civilian husband Volkova Parviz Yasinov.Julia prohibits a spouse to communicate with his ex-wife and child. "Tattoo" is not miss any opportunity to publicly quarreling with undesirable Weber.It happened this time. Having met in one of the capital's restaurants, "the girl-scandal" could not pass by the ex-wife of her lover. She literally pounced on the unfortunate Mary, the newspaper "Your day".- I'm raising your baby!!! - Volkov shouted.Weber, had not expected such pressure, admitted that such a situation was encountered for the first time.Is horrible, well, just the top indecency and complete nonsense - behave! If she has any problems, let her decide for their own safety, " shared the singer.The next day, when she turned 21, she had a new offense. In holiday Cars Parviz't even called my mom to her first child. Читать полностью -->

Croatian football player died during a match

Croatian football player died during a match The Croatian football player of the club "Zadar" Hrvoje Custic died from a traumatic brain injury he got in the championship match of the country on March 29, having struck a concrete wall.Kostic tried to catch the passing ball in the match against the club Cibalia", but slipped and crashed headlong into a concrete wall, located two meters from the edge of the field.He immediately underwent surgery, but after five days of Custic died in hospital, reports Reuters. "He died from severe brain injuries", - said the doctor of the hospital of Zadar."It's terrible," said the captain "Zadar" Yakov Suraj. - We are all in confusion. We lost a friend and teammate". Football Federation of Croatia has decided to postpone all matches of the next round of the national championship, to be held on the weekend.Stadium "Zadar", where the tragedy occurred, has repeatedly been criticized. According to Croatian media, he is unfit for matches.24-year-old, Hrvoje Custic previously played for such famous Croatian club HNK Hajduk split and FC "Zagreb".Source: Croatian football player died during a match (video). Читать полностью -->

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